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Mirabeau B. Lamar

The Masonic Lodge was instrumental in the formation of the Public School System in Texas. As such, the Scholarship of all Texas students is one of the primary charities of many Lodges in the State. The Killeen Masonic Lodge has for many years offered students the opportunity for monetary scholarships to be used towards furthering their education.

The Killeen Masonic Lodge awards two scholarships to students who demonstrate both the character and the financial needs for such. Scholarship funds come from fund-raisers conducted by the members of the lodge and donations from Masons and Non-Masons. Relationship to a current or deceased Mason is NOT required for consideration.  Students who desire to be considered for these scholarships must complete and return this application to Killeen Masonic Lodge Either electronically or physically prior to March 15th. Late submissions will not be considered. If selected, each student receiving a scholarship will be expected to be present at an awards ceremony held at the Killeen Masonic Lodge at a date to be determined.

Proceeds of the Scholarships will be disbursed by the Secretary or Treasurer of Killeen Masonic Lodge upon being presented with an enrollment receipt from a recognized educational institution or trade school.  Applications will be "blind" scored by a committee.

The scoring of the application will be weighted as follows:

Financial Need 25%                           Scholastic Achievement 20%

Community Service 25%                    Values 15%

Essay 15%

Download Application Here:

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